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We are one-stop venture building partner and investor for technology companies to launch their businesses in Singapore and China. We are different from VC and other incubators. Working with our venture partners, we bring the resources to ambitious entrepreneurs and co-create tech ventures in both Singapore and China. Our operation are jointly supported by Singapore and China government and backed by investors in both countries.


China and Singapore

Connecting The Dots in Global Technology Innovation Ecosystem 

We believe the tremendous value of Chinese market and industry resources with Global tech innovation ecosystem. The Bridge between East and West and the technology innovation powerhouse in the region with international tech talents. 

Two Domain Focuses

5G and Internet of Things (IOT) 

Child and Personal Care Market

With our venture partners, we have already accumulated relevant industry resources, established market channels and innovation partnership, and have been creating new venture companies in 5G/IOT and Child/Personal Care in Singapore and in China. 

Our Operation

Xiamen, China

We Provide

Market, Engineering, Investment, Supply Chain Resource

We co-create the joint ventures with our investment, local team and industry partners

China Market


We Support

Co-Innovation, Talent, Investment, Internationalisation

We help your initial operation and establish strategic partnership for co-innovation and internationalisation

International Market

Brainstorm Team Meeting

Our Projects



How to work with us

Strategic Planning

Free consultancy service and joint strategic planning with venture partners

Joint Venture

We will jointly invest in new venture if the synergies are strong and for the long-term

Establish Partnership

We establish partnership based on strong synergies in business and team culture

Joint Implementation

We build a joint team to implement the strategy and share the risk and profit.

China Market or Singapore


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Our Partners

International partnership


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