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Unlock China Opportunities with Singapore insights 

We are a Singapore-China Cross-border Accelerator

About us

We are a cross-border tech venture accelerator. Working closely with local Industrial / high-tech parks in different cities in China and Singapore, we provide market and technology intelligence, market entry consultancy and resources to co-create new ventures with tech companies and entrepreneurs in both countries. We have our headquarter in Singapore and four operation centers in China (Nanjing, Suzhou, Wuxi and Xiamen).


Market and Tech Intelligence

Providing market and technology research and consultancy 

With our network of resources in multiple cities in China and partnership with local industry / high-tech parks, we conduct market and technology research and help technology companies identify growth opportunities, design their entry strategy and create business leads in China. 

Cross-Border Acceleration

Navigating China's Opportunities with Singapore's Insight

Discover the best of both worlds. This programme offers Singapore and other international tech start-ups and SMEs a unique blend of Singapore's strategic insights and direct access to China's dynamic market via major Singapore-China G2G (Government to Government) collaboration cities. 

Our Operation Centers


 In Partnership with

Nanyang Technological University

Nanjing, China

 In Partnership with

Nanjing Eco Hi-Tech Island

Wuxi, China

 In Partnership with

Wuxi Guolian Group and Wuxi High-Tech Park

Suzhou, China

 In Partnership with

Suzhou Industry Park

Xiamen, China

 In Partnership with

Xiamen Torch High-Tech Park and Huli District

Brainstorm Team Meeting

Our Projects

Acceleration Programme

Navigating China's Opportunities with Singapore's Insight


Mentoring and Learning

6 Weeks of Online Mentoring & Learning to equipped technopreneurs with knowledge and information about Singapore and China. 

Landing Support

​With operational centers in Singapore and China, we support the initial operations of tech startups with our local team and ecosystem partners

Join Us

We warmly welcome tech startups from around the globe to join us as we explore opportunities in China, guided by insights from Singapore

Immersion Trip to SG/CN

Tailored immersion trips to Singapore and four strategic regions in China, each anchoring on major SG-CN G2G collaboration cities to connect with potential partners, customers, and investors

China Market

​Via SG-CH Collaboration Cities


Our Founders


Li Wei

  • Li Wei

Co-Founder and CEO


Tyler Huang

  • Tyler

Co-Founder and COO

Advisors and Venture Partners


Venture Partner
Patrick Teyssonneyre

  • Patrick

CEO of Xinterra


Venture Partner
Richard Boggs

  • Richard Boggs

CEO of JCS BioTech


Venture Partner
Shirley Yao

  • Shirley

Venture Partner
Sun Ho

  • Sun Ho

CEO of Littlelives


Venture Partner
Jeff Jiang

  • Jeff



Venture Partner
June Hou

  • June Ho

CEO of BrioMed

Contact Us

Transfong Ventures Pte Ltd

Singapore: #01-10, 55 Ayer Rajah Cres. JTC Launchpad (One North), Singapore 139949 

Shanghai: #9 Dong Fang Lu, Pudong District

Suzhou: 3709, China-Singapore Tower, Yueliang Wan, Suzhou Industry Park

Xiamen: Block 1, C201, Huizhi Space, Xingfeng Lu, Huli District


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