About Us

Jointly supported by Singapore and China Governments, Transfong Ventures have operation sites in both Singapore and Xiamen, China. More than a traditional VC or incubator, we not only inject resources but also work together with entrepreneurs and technology companies both ways: access Chinese market from a strong foothold in Xiamen or go international via Singapore.






The Bridge between East and West Investment and Co-Creation of Startups with International Outreach
We invest in Singapore startups or overseas technopreneurs who launch their businesses in Singapore. With the entrepreneurs or innovators, we jointly create the founding team, develop the product and establish the operations with our internal and external talent pool.
one of the only five cities specifically designated in the state plan in China, is a fast-rising star with special economic policies. We form JV with Singapore Tech Startups and scale up for China Market.
Supported by public and private organizations, we established an international deep tech startup launchpad for China market. In China, we invest and form joint ventures with Singapore deep tech startups to expand in China. The joint venture will enjoy special supporting policies from public agencies, the experienced venture co-creation team and local resource for its operation in China.
Seamless technology transfer and productization
The Internet of Things is a technology that interconnect devices and makes the world smarter. In 2003, the U.S. Technology Review proposed that sensor network technology will be the first of the top ten technologies that will change people's lives in the future. In recent years, along with rapid improvement of underlying technologies such as IPV6, low-power WAN, 5G, new sensor materials, etc. IoT is in the cusp of next round of explosive growth. By leveraging deep market insights, supply chain connections in China and leading-edge technologies and top tier teams in Singapore, Transfong stands at the focal point to unleash great business potentials from IoT technology.
Tapping the fast-growing market in China
With the growth of the population, the popularization of China's two-child policy, the upgrading of people's consumption level and the change of consumption habits in recent years, the mother and child and personal care market has received more attention, especially the development of infant and young children products show import, high-end and branding trend. Transfong brings in the industry resource system to accelerate the growth of international brands and its product innovation in China market.