About Us

Transfong Ventures is a Singapore-China joint venture building platform with investment funds and incubation centers in both countries. We are different from VC and other incubators. Working with our venture partners, we bring the resources to ambitious entrepreneurs and co-create tech ventures in both Singapore and China. Our operation are jointly supported by Singapore and China government and invested by private sector in both countries.








Investment and Co-Creation of Startups for International Market
We invest in Singapore startups or overseas technopreneurs who launch their tech businesses in Singapore. With the entrepreneurs or innovators , we jointly create the founding team, develop the product and establish the operation with our internal and external talent pool.

Xiamen, China

Joint Venture with Singapore Tech Startups and Scale Up for China Market
Supported by Xiamen Government and private investors, we established an international deep tech startup launchpad for China market. In China, we invest and form joint ventures with Singapore deep tech startups to expand in China. Once onboard, the joint venture will have special government policy support and local resource for its operation in China.