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Acceleration Programme

Navigating China's Opportunities with Singapore's Insight


In Partnership with
Nanyang Technological University
ZGC International

This programme offers international tech start-ups and SMEs a unique blend of Singapore's strategic insights and direct access to China's dynamic market via major Singapore-China G2G (Government to Government) collaboration cities. 

Two Phases of the Programme

Business Meeting at Small Table

Phase 1

Expert Training and Insight Sharing Sessions

Business Environments and Innovation Ecosystems in Singapore and China 

Introduction to Singapore and SG-CN G2G Collaboration Cities & Projects 

Advantages and Processes for International Companies Establishing in Singapore and Investing in China

Expert Insights on Singapore’s Perspectives & Opportunities in China

Additional Tailored One-on-One Consultation and Coaching Session with Our Expert Team 

Airport Passage

Phase 2

In-Market Immersion Trips

Singapore and Suzhou-Wuxi-Nanjing
Singapore and Guangzhou-Xiamen
Singapore and Chongqing-Chengdu
Singapore and Tianjin-Beijing

Note: One trip is about 1 week. Participants may opt for one or more immersive trips during Phase 2. It's important to note that these trips are scheduled separately, allowing for flexible planning.

Programme Highlight

Strategic insights into China's market access from Singapore's viewpoint.

Connect with local authorities and investors for collaborative opportunities.
Tailored business matching with regional customers, partners, or suppliers.
Expert consultations on local business climate or technical challenges.


  • Application deadline: 30 June 2024

  • Phase 1: Jul -  Aug 2024 (6 weeks)

  • Phase 2: Starting from Sep 2024


It's important to note that these trips are scheduled separately, allowing for flexible planning.

Programme Fee

  • USD 990 / Participant

  • The programme fee covers Phase 1 information sessions and one Phase 2 in-market immersion trip.

  • Each additional immersion trip is priced at USD 990.

  • Singapore companies get to enjoy a 20% discount of the programme fee. 

  • The programme fee does not include costs for flights, meals, and accommodations.

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